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The Connecticut Parent’s Union does not negotiate the educational well being of children. As a result, your support is needed to protect the educational rights of children.

Dear Children Champions,

The Connecticut Parents Union (CTPU) is a membership association established to connect parents, guardians and families with the resources and support necessary to effectively advocate for the educational rights of children.

Since the CTPU’s incorporation in January of 2011, we have begun to organize hundreds of parent and guardians of children who are concerned that Connecticut public policy makers have not taken meaningful steps to erase Connecticut’s achievement gap. The fact is, too many students in Connecticut are not graduating from high school and college with the skill sets that they need to become productive citizens, engaged community leaders, and participants in a trained and qualified workforce. Needless to say, this has serious impacts on our state economy.

As a result, the CT Parent’s Union has retained attorneys to consider avenues for education reform litigation to protect the educational rights of children and their parents. We need to raise funds for our attorney and advocacy fees, and your support is critical.

Litigation is being proposed in order to compel the state of Connecticut to not only provide all school children their Constitutionally guaranteed right to a free appropriate public education, but to ensure equitable access to educational opportunities that will prepare them for employment or higher education. Litigation efforts will focus on four roadblocks that we believe stand in the way of guaranteeing every child the education he or she deserves:

  1. Seniority-based school staffing,

  2. The requirement that students attend schools in their district, even if there is not an acceptable educational opportunity in that district,

  3. The legislature's Education Committee places as first their obligation to the teachers and the school districts. By doing so, they then act improperly to allow the school district representatives, the teacher representatives, and the State Department of Education (which also places teachers and school districts first before schoolchildren) to assist in writing legislation, to the exclusion of the interest of the children as represented by parents.

  4. And the irrational and unfair use of federal, state, and local funds to facilitate educational opportunities for all students. The litigation also will claim that these three policies not only have caused a variety of damages to the individual plaintiffs, but also have caused a disparate impact on economically disadvantaged inner city students, including minorities.

Your early contributions, made payable to CT Parent’s Union, will give our education and advocacy litigation efforts a tremendous boost during this crucial early phase of the work. Your gift of any amount will help the CTPU raise the vital “seed money” to ensure a successfully advocacy and litigation campaign. Please note: because the funds will be used for litigation, your pledge will unfortunately NOT be tax deductible, but there will be a transparent accounting tab on our website and you will get updates via email regarding the litigation progress.

Our goal is to raise $25,000 by September 30, 2011. Your financial support helps us rise to this great challenge and ensures that parents of Connecticut have a say in our children’s educational outcomes.

On behalf of CTPU, I thank you in advance for your encouragement and generous support.

Sincerely yours,

Gwendolyn Samuel, President, CT Parents Union, Inc
PO Box 3004, Meriden CT 06450

Please consider making an one-time donation or becoming Children’s Champion Member of our organization and make a small contribution to the organization each month:

One-Time Donation


Monthly Subscription Donations

If you would rather send a check, payable to CT Parent’s Union, feel free to mail it to our offices:

CT Parent’s Union
PO Box 3004
Meriden, CT 06451

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